May 14, 2009

Sweet and Sour Pork Flu

Let's start with the bad news first:

The Sour:
--I got gradually sicker last week, and on Wednesday I couldn't talk. The doctor sent me home from work, and to stay home and rest on Thursday and Friday, also.
--I couldn't do any blog posts for quite some time.

The Sweet:
--I didn't have pig flu, as I originally imagined I might.
--I was able to rest up and recover, and by the time the weekend rolled around, I was feeling quite a bit better.
--I've mentioned my love-hate relationship with Costa Rican bureaucracy before, but the health system is pretty great, at least if your company has a private doctor. That's how I was able to get something equivalent to sick days.
--I read a lot.

In any case, I've not written too much lately, but I'll try to remedy that as soon as possible. We're having a get-together/housewarming party on Saturday, and then next Thursday our friend Annie is visiting us, so things will be busy. That means that I'll eventually have something interesting to write about, but it may take a while.

In the meantime, check out this video:

The weirdest thing about this video is that in my first internet visit in a week, I spent most of the time watching cooking videos in German. I absorbed them like a Brötchen sitting in a bowl of Weisswein. In any case, right after I wrote the title to this blog, I saw that the very same cooking video series actually had a recipe for preparing sweet and sour pork! Hopefully you like the video. Even if you don't speak German, it's strangely hypnotizing...

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Anonymous said...

When are the Sam and Dustin visiting?


Deuce said...

June 11-25.


Deuce said...

Sitzman! We all miss you! Write another blog!