January 30, 2011

Picture of the Day Catch-Up: January 16-29, 2011

Wow, I think if I put up these pictures, I'll finally be caught up with my Pictures of the Day (well, except for today's picture, of course!). In any case, enjoy!

January 16th: We went to Zarcero with Lucy, Wilson, Belamy, and Lily. It was a nice little day-trip. These are Belamy's rollerskates.

January 17th: I made some crepes today, and they were quite tasty. I'm not a huge fan of the picture, and I thought I had taken some more pictures this day, but apparently I didn't!

January 18th: A picture of the annual festival in Palmares. Mostly, it's annoying.

January 19th: I took a picture of my headphones to use in a blog posting on my language learning blog.

January 20th: Juan and Paola's daughter Hannah, playing in their yard. Very cute!

January 21st: Some kids playing on Brasilito beach, where I teach a class on Friday evening.

January 22nd: A picture of a tree stump in Santa Cruz, in the Guanacaste province. I teach a class there Saturday mornings.

January 23rd: "Captain Corelli's Mandolin," by Louis de Bernieres. Lucy loaned it to me, and I finished reading it today. It was a good story, although the book itself had seen better days.

January 24th: Our theme for our weekly photo project was "depth of field." I didn't quite know how to handle it, so throughout the week I took some "comparison" pictures using both small and large apertures. This one is actually not a comparison, but just a tangled ethernet cord at work.

January 25th: A swing-set at the school where we work. It's a normal elementary school during the day.

January 26th: Today was the first day of the NCTE (National Conference for Teachers of English) at the CCCN in San Jose. I liked the silhouetted look of people walking down this passageway.

January 27th: At the NCTE, I saw quite a few of my old Sykes coworkers, including my friend Angie. It happened to be her birthday, so I asked to take a few pictures of her. Very nice. Happy birthday, Angie!

January 28th: Angela at the San Pedro Mall, after the NCTE.

January 29th: f/22. More experimenting with apertures and (what I hoped would be) depth of field. In the end, not quite what I was going for.

Well, that's it for now. We're technically caught-up, at least for another two hours or so! Thanks for reading, and have a great day and week!

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Angie said...

Hey Sitzman! Thanks for the pics. Graduation-like pic is funny haha. Thanks, buddy!

Sitzman said...

True, although that's more like a yearbook picture. If we're talking senior pictures, then you should probably be looking off into the distance...