February 1, 2011

Twitter Twit

I signed up for a twitter account for me, as well as for Sitzman ABC. If you want to follow either, you're certainly more than welcome to!

Follow sitzmansitzman on Twitter

Follow sitzmanabc on Twitter

Notice how one says "me," the other says "us"? Clever, huh? Anyhow, we'll see how twitter works out for me and for Sitzman ABC. I think it'll be better for the language-learning blog, but I'm not sure what I'll personally use it for. 

Then again, I've already started following Pam Grier, Martha Stewart, and Axl Rose, so any service that brings three such different people together into one convenient place sounds promising!

Happy twitting!
(The picture is from a tumblr blog, but it wasn't credited. If you know who did it, tell me and I can credit it.)

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