February 20, 2011

Weekly Picture Project: Week 7 (G)

We tossed around a few ideas for our "G" topic this week, but I think the one that I liked the best turned out to be "Great." We had also mentioned "Grain" or "Grey Scale," and I think I managed to get a bit of those this week, too. I noticed that these shrunk-down small pictures are turning out kind of grainy and crappy, so if something looks interesting, you can click on the picture number or the actual picture to see a higher-quality photo. So, have a look:

Picture 1: A coffee table that Wilson made. We recently bought it from him and Lucy, so they came by one day and dropped it off. It's a truly great table! It was also great that I was able to use my new tripod to take this picture!

Picture 2: Another great thing: Many different, beautiful trees seem to be blossoming all over Costa Rica these days. I really like the pink and white ones, but I think these orange ones are my favorite.

Picture 3: Now, for a bit of greatness, as well as grey scale and grain. This is part of a statue mural at the entrance to Filadelfia, Guanacaste, in northwest Costa Rica. Apparently it's a famous archaeological town.

Picture 4: A lounge chair at the hotel where Angela and I stayed on Friday night. We decided to stay at the Best Western in Liberia, and it turned out to be quite nice. It was not really close to where my class was, but the price was really good, and it included breakfast and a lovely pool area. To me, that was simply Great.

So, that's it for this week. Let's see what we come up with for the letter "H"! Thanks for reading, and have a great week!

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Lucy said...

nice pictures! and OH my! what a lovely coffee table!!!! =P

Sitzman said...

Absolutely! I had meant to mention that I put up that picture, and that there are a few more on flickr. If you want, I can also take a few more. I wasn't sure what you or Wilson wanted for your photo album (also, you can have them sized to fit in your wallet).

Lucy said...

oh, they're GREAT pics. thanks, i meant to ask if i could steal some. but from this I'll take it i can.

thanks so much! =)

Sitzman said...

Yes! Have at 'em!