February 22, 2011

Sitzbook: "Uncle Tom's Cabin"

I just finished this book yesterday, and I'm sure I'll have more comments to come in the future. But for now, I just wanted to mention this weird phenomenon: Does anyone else hear the song "Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Warrant in their head every time they hear this book mentioned? And if you're in the bookstore and walk past Hemingway's For Whom The Bell Tolls, does your mind hear the pounding guitar riff from the Metallica song of the same name?

In any case, now that I've finished the book, I may have some respite from continually playing this (admittedly great) song on repeat in my brain:

(Note: From what I can discern based on the lyrics, the video, and the book, this song has absolutely nothing in common with the book, besides a title.)

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