March 14, 2011

Weekly Picture Project: Week 10 (J)

I'm sure that there are lots of words that start with "J," but when you try to start finding them, it gets difficult. I guess that's why the letter's worth 8 points in Scrabble.

In any case, here's what I came up with for this week. If you want to see an enlarged and clearer version of any picture, just click on it:

I was thinking of getting a coworker's picture, since I work with a Jeremy, a José, and a Juan, but when I saw that Juan Manuel had on a name tag for the first day of classes, it seemed like a good "J" picture.

I decided that this can count as a Junk Drawer. It's one of the drawers in Angela's sewing machine.

"Juice" seemed like a good option for J, especially since it also starts with a J in Spanish. It just took a surprising amount of oranges to get a little juice for this picture. It was delicious, though!

This is my fourth, optional picture, since it's actually a spelling error. This is my niece Yoselin's bracelet and as you can see, she spells her name differently than it appears on her bracelet. But that's a whole other story altogether. In this case, the bracelet was a first-communion present, so it's OK.

So, that's it for now. We'll see what "K's" I can come up with for this week. I don't suppose I can really go for Spanish this time around, since K isn't really a letter that's used in Spanish but on the other hand, German may be ripe with K's! We'll have to see! Thanks for reading, and have a great new week!

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