May 7, 2008


Just in time to send belated Valentine's Day cards, it appears that Angela and I may now have an address that actually works (by the way, Kathy, I got your card that you spent over a month at the post office here). In any case, our address in Berlín didn't seem to be working, and I felt guilty asking people to send letters to Abuela's address, so Angela and I bought a post office box.
Yeah, I didn't know they existed here, either. In fact, we'd called the post office many times and asked about the best way to get letters, but they never even mentioned the boxes. The other day, though, Abuela mentioned that they probably had them, and that we just had to be persistent. Sure enough, they do have them! And it's only 4 dollars a year after an initial fee of 20 dollars. They did make us copy our own key, but still, not too bad. Now, we'll have to see if it works.
In any case, if you want to write or physically send something to us, send it here:

Ryan Sitzman y Angela Jiménez
Apartado Postal 582-4250
San Ramón, Alajuela
Costa Rica

The most important thing here is that number and the San Ramón, Alajuela part. Also, if you do send us something, make sure you tell me, as we can only get mail Monday-Friday from 8-5, and it's not like something we'll check every day or even every week, since it's about 15 kilometers from our house. So a heads-up would be nice.
So, now that you've been busy not calling, you can spend some time not writing to us, also!

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