May 15, 2008

¿Pervert Bird?

This is a picture--not taken by me, of course--of a bird. It's called a "Blue Gray Tanager," and one of them is building a nest in the bars that surround the little window that looks out from our shower. Angela tried to throw her nest out three times in one day but, thankfully, the little bird was persistent and we convinced Angela to let the little bird be. For some reason, though, I only see it when I'm in the shower, when it lands on the bars and looks in on me. Oh well, at least it makes the morning shower a bit more interesting.
In any case, I'll keep you updated and take a picture if it lays some eggs or does something interesting.

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mv said...

I hate to tell you this, but if you scramble the letters of "Blue Gray Tanager" and delete a few, you inevitably come up with "Lube Ranger." I think this answers the question you pose in the title of this entry. You better watch your back, Sitzman.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ryan,
Just checking up on you while I am visiting your cousin AnnaLisa in VA. The bird knows a stud when He, oops She sees one.
Aunt Claudia

Sitzman said...

Claudia: Thanks for checking out the site.
Meghan: That is hilarious and horrifying!
Everyone Else: The bird flew the coop. A nephew wanted to see if there were eggs in the nest, and he reported that there were. We asked if he'd touched them, but he said no, which automatically means yes. So, the bird must have been put off, and left.
On a happier note, we've got a Yigüiro in our garage, which is actually Costa Rica's national bird. I'll have to see if I can find a picture of one. They're kind of ugly, though.