May 13, 2008

Yeison Lara, Blogger Extraordinaire

My friend and coworker Yeison (pronounced "Jason") has started a blog. I like it, so I figured I'd mention it to you. There's a link to the left, or you can check it out here. By the way, it's in Spanish and Italian, but there are still some good pictures if you don't speak either of those languages.
Yeison's a really nice guy and a great teacher, but that's not him in the picture above. That's actually the German actor Moritz Bleibtreu, acting in the movie "Im Juli." I just included that picture because I'm convinced that Yeison looks like Moritz, especially when he wears his glasses.
So far, however, the only one that I've been able to convince of this fact is myself.
Still, check out his blog. It's pretty.

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Angie said...

For a minute, I thought Yeison had gone through an extreme makeover and turned into a total math freak. :p

Yeison said...

wow! Ryan Ryan Ryan, I didn't know about this, well, fUnny! I just can't believe the picture!!! Now I am a math freak??? According to Angie!!! Wow!