April 7, 2009

Just Stopping By

Dutch scientists recently announced that they'd isolated the least humorous joke on record. It goes as follows:

A: What's up?
B: Man, my freaking back hurts from moving.

According to lead research scientist Lijm van der Sneuhouten, the joke "[is] actually not funny because it's true."

Anyhow, joke's on me, cause Angela and I were moving all last weekend into our new house! It's great to finally be in there, but we're really tired, and things aren't quite accomodated yet. But it's a great feeling. In fact, last night while sitting on the sofa, we both confessed that we had had the same private fear that we wouldn't live to see the day when we'd actually live in the house.

We do now.

In any case, my internet time has therefore been lacking, and to add to that, it's Holy Week here. It doesn't really get into the swing of things until Thursday and Friday, when the country grinds to a halt. So probably don't expect any blog entries then. Curiously enough, though, on Easter Sunday everything is open, so maybe I can put up something then. You can read about this strange cultural phenomenon in a blog entry I wrote last year.

So, I'll hope to post more soon--especially pictures--but in the meantime, thanks for checking in!

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Serious Youth said...

Here's what's sad - I laughed at that joke, well you're joke all the same.

Shani, Bri and I should come down and see this fancy house of yours. I refuse to drive in Costa Rica, so you're going to have to come pick us up at the airport.


Zach said...

That's the truth, moving is a bitch. We just moved into a new place as well, and we're still recovering.

Sitzman said...

Brad - You're always welcome, and I'll do the dangerous driving!

Zach - Congrats on the new house, butI'm having trouble finding info about it on Zachblog...