April 1, 2009

So Soon, Monsoon?

Today seems to be a day of post titles ending with question marks. In any case, it hadn't rained here in Costa Rica for three months or so, until yesterday. There were some showers, but they weren't that heavy, at least by Costa Rican standards.

(ASIDE: For all my readers in Colorado, you know how it occasionally can rain like freaking crazy there, where the rain makes the air in front of you become opaque, but fortunately it only lasts about 5 minutes? Here showers like that can last for days. END ASIDE)

In any case, I guess that today also marks the official start of the rainy season, a.k.a. the "Green Season," if the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo has anything to say about it. But to Dustin, Sam, Annie, and anyone else who may be contemplating visiting soon: don't worry! The rain is sporadic and is usually relegated to the afternoon until August or so. Then in September it finally stops its latino procrastination and starts to downpour in earnest. So if you're coming in May or June, you'll still be relatively dry most of the time, at least in theory.

But the mold is a whole other story.

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Deuce said...

Will I still be able to hang out with you guys, drink beer, and watch movies if it's raining?


Sitzman said...

Absolutely! And the new house shouldn't be as prone to surges, so we won't even have to unplug all electronics when it rains!