October 8, 2010

A Very Specific Question

I need Cell Phone advice. As you may know, I HATE cell phones. I hate calling on them, and I think text messages are one of the worst inventions humanity has come up with. I don't want a cell phone for the phone. But, I like internet, and when I'm traveling it's nice to have a phone if there's an emergency, since there don't seem to be pay phones anywhere anymore (especially in the US).

Does anyone who lives in Costa Rica know if there's a phone or a plan that could do the following things:
-Get internet reception through 3G or whatever that's called
-Block text messages
-Turn off incoming calls
-Work in the U.S.
-A camera would be nice, too.

Maybe what I need is one of those Palm Pilots or whatever from a decade ago! Anyhow, if you know about this, maybe you can give me some advice...

(Image from http://www.groove-quantize.com/grooveblog/?p=236)

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Lucy said...

but if you block text messages, how will you be able to hear from ME??? bad idea!

and in any case, very suspicious you blokes not wanting any incoming calls. hmmm. suspicious making. watch it sitzman.

Sitzman said...

If I got text messages, people would expect me to READ and RESPOND to them, and that's not something I'm prepared to do.