October 16, 2010

You Can Try, But You Just Can't Stop BLOGTOBERFEST!

So, our internet went out for about a day. Turns out it was a wonky modem --"wonky" is a technical word meaning "related to wonk"-- so the company sent a tech and they replaced it. But that's why there was no blog entry yesterday.

Nevertheless, I was right back online today, hard at work researching Deloreans (because that's what the internet's for, pretty much). When you research Deloreans, you're bound to come across Back to the Future references. Among the many I found was this video for an Entertainment Weekly "cast reunion" that had Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson, and the Delorean get together and reminisce:

I think that besides an obvious wave of nostalgia, my main thought was, "Holy crap, Lea Thompson has aged well!" I'd add something like, "I hope I look as good as her when I'm her age," but that'd be weird, mainly cause I'm a dude. And that'd take a lot of operations.

But still... Hmm...
No, nevermind.

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