March 28, 2010

New Old Pictures Uploaded!

In my continuing recent efforts to back-up some of my older pictures, I've uploaded some more pictures from two trips in 2006.

One set is from a trip I took to Argentina to visit Andrés. I started off in Buenos Aires, and when José arrived from Mexico, he and I took a trip up to the northwestern part of Argentina to do a bit of backpacking. Some nice pictures in there.

The other most recent set is from a trip that I took to Europe in 2006. I visited Switzerland, Germany, and Denmark, and there are also quite a few interesting pictures from that trip, as well. So, please feel free to check them out, and I hope you enjoy them!

The links above are to the flickr page for each collection, but if you prefer the black-backgrounded fluidr page, you can also seem the pictures by clicking on the following links:

Europe 2006

Thanks for reading!

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