March 10, 2010

A Quote From A Book I Read

Yesterday I finished reading a book called Vernon God Little, by DBC Pierre. It was pretty good; it's a sort of satire about modern media culture, set among a school massacre in a small Texas town. So yeah, it's a bit unconventional, also. In any case, I liked this following quote by the book's main character, Vern, as he's being led into a courtroom:

“Court smells like your first-grade classroom; you automatically look around for finger-paintings. I don’t know if it’s on purpose, like to regress you and freak you out. Truth be told, there’s probably an air-freshener for courtrooms and first-grade classrooms, just to keep you in line. ‘Guilt-O-Sol’ or something, so in school you feel like you’re already in court, and when you wind up in court you feel like you’re back in school. You’re primed for finger-paintings, but what you get is a lady behind one of those sawn-off typewriters.”

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Dustin said...

I think that be good writing...