March 22, 2010

Pictures of the Day, March 16 and 17, 2010

Here are the Pictures of the Day for March 16th and 17th. I'm doing the 18th separately since I had a special project on that day. In the meantime, enjoy!

March 16th: My desk lamp, with a knife my sister brought me from Morocco on the top. I wasn't sure where else to put the knife, and I don't like to make holes in the walls, seeing as they're made of cement and therefore seem more permanent. It's also convenient in case someone attacks me while I'm planning my lessons.

March 17th: My coworker Oscar. I know I already had him in the Picture of the Day a while back, but I guess he's too photogenic for his own good. This is him on St. Patrick's Day. I have a feeling that the stats on his shirt regarding his heritage may be a bit exaggerated, even if it only says 10%, but it's the thought and spirit that counts on St. Patrick's Day!

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