December 15, 2009

Need Gift-Giving Ideas? Don't We All...

You may not have noticed it before, but on the left side of your screen you'll notice a big jumble of links, buttons, and other crap. Among that jumble is a link to my "A-store," which I set up in hopes of earning a small kickback here and there, as well as to show readers what music, movies, books, and even lawnmowers I've been into recently. So, if you're looking for holiday gift-giving ideas, and the Special Person on your list is remarkably like me, then God help you. But in terms of gifts, you can follow the Amazon link for some ideas of stuff I've been into lately.

Once you follow the link, you can also search on for any other products they offer. That way, you win, Amazon wins, and Sitzblog wins.

Or just buy everyone Coffee and Machetes. That's what I do.

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