December 4, 2009

Picture of the Day, December 4, 2009

There's not much to say about today's Picture of the Day; it's our new Part-Time Cat Chubby in Angela's purse:

That little head of his really cracks me up, so I chose it as Picture of the Day. We actually went to the beach today, though, and I imagined that I'd have something interesting to show from it in terms of photography. Well, I took a few pictures, but it would seem that I tend to be very unproductive when at the beach (which is the point of going to the beach, I suppose). Anyhow, here are Today's Leftovers:

A tsunami warning sign.

Some bikes near where we hung out for the day. It was wonderful, sunny weather, and I even got a bit of a tan. (Sorry, I just had to throw that comment in for the people in Colorado dealing with the terrible temperatures. Did you know that according to, it got down to negative 17 degrees Celsius in Fort Collins last night? I'm not sure what that is in Farenheit, and I'm not a scientist so I don't really care. In any case, come on down and visit us if you want to get out of that crap.)

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AnnaLisa said...

I love the PotD concept and would like to think I can do it, too...but I'm not half the photog you are. These have all been great so far!

Sitzman said...

Thanks, AnnaLisa!

It's nice to hear an encouraging comment. I may keep posting it to the blog, or I may start a separate blog, or I may keep it on just flickr. We'll have to see how it develops.

I am worried, though, that people will get bored with a picture a day, but then again I really like the idea of a photo journal. Plus, since I personally account for about 80% of my blog's readership (my mom is about another 17%, and the other 3% is everyone else who reads), it's nice for me especially, since I don't keep a journal.

Now, let's talk about your name. Are you sure it's got two N's?


AnnaLisa said...

Your blog stats sound a lot like mine. :)

Actually my name has three N's...if I count my middle name, too...? Did I un-N myself somewhere?

Sitzman said...

Wait, you have a MIDDLE name, too? With a double first name? You know, it's because of people like you and my 5-named wife that other people like Cher and Pelé and Suharto only get one name.
Spread the wealth a bit.