December 21, 2009

Picture of the Day, December 20, 2009

Today is a day I really wish I could have spread out over a couple of days. A lot happened. First of all, it was Pierogi Sunday at my friend Martha Wawro's family's house. Polish feasts this legendary only come around once a year. Secondly, we went to church with my family to hear my folks sing, but since there was an explosion at their church a few months ago (weird, long story), they had the service in my old elementary school. That brought back lots of memories and pictures. We also went to see "Dead Snow" at the movie theater... yep, it's the Norwegain Nazi Zombie movie you keep hearing about. And finally, we visited my friend Craig, who is a firefighter. He let Angela put on some of the gear for a photo op.

It was a busy day. Go ahead and check out the Leftovers Page on my flickr account if you're interested. Otherwise, I'll try to put up a few more of today's picture on the blog within a few days.

(PS - To all you Costa Ricans out there, there is a strange Franklin Chang-Diaz reference in the pictures-- don't miss it!)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan its me Juan, I follow your blog everyday, sorry I am a geek so that's my Bobbie hehehe. This is a nice picture and what I like about it is that Angela looks freezing on time, nice!

Sitzman said...

Hey Juan!
Thanks for following the blog... I'll try to keep interesting pictures coming!

bathmate said...
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loopy said...

glad the machete was a raging success!

great photos. we need to see MORE.

I hope you guys are having a great time there!

meanwhile, we're looking forward to having you back in CR soon! =)

Sitzman said...

Careful what you wish for... in a day or two you'll have more pictures than you can shake a stick at!