December 5, 2009

Picture of the Day, December 5, 2009

Just a quick post today, since I was having lots of trouble uploading pictures earlier. This picture is of the church in Zaragoza de Palmares, the one where Angela and I got married, coincidently. I pass by it --albeit a block or two away-- every time I go to town, but this morning on my way to work I noticed through the trees that it looked nice. Since I rarely get up before 9 except Saturdays, when I start work at 8, I thought I should take advantage of this shot, so I hurried over there and took this picture from my car. Hope you like it!

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loopy said...

beautiful! and one of my favourite churches in costa rica - (and god knows - as do you - there are plenty to choose from)

Sitzman said...

It is a pretty nice church.
Since I've got 359 pictures left to go, I'll have to be sure to get a picture of Berlín's raggedy-assed church one of these days. Although if I hang out around the church with a camera, I'll go down in Berlín lore as "The guy who took a picture of the church with a camera."
Those types of reputations are hard to kick.