February 7, 2010

About the Pictures...

In an attempt to make it easier and more pleasant to look at my Pictures of the Day, each post on this blog will now have a few links at the bottom.

If you click on any of the links, they will take you to a site called "fluidr." My friend Brad showed it to me, and it's pretty great; basically, it takes your flickr pictures, and presents them in a more accessible and pleasing way. Once you're on the page, you can just keep scrolling down, and you won't have to keep moving all over flickr just to see a handful of pictures at a time.

By clicking on the links, you can go directly from my blog to my Picture of the Day series, my Leftovers, All My Pictures, and SeeVida. SeeVida is Brad's project that's trying to get a picture a day from as many countries as possible. We've got Bolivia, the U.S., Costa Rica, and Germany representing so far, with more in the works.

So, feel free to check out any of the links directly below here (and please do so-- it took me forever to figure out how to work with my blog's HTML code!)

365: Picture a Day Project    365 Leftovers    All My Pictures    Sitzbook

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