February 28, 2010

Pictures From The Past

Our recent encounter with a thief has led me to try to backup as much of my digital stuff as possible. (You can read an article Brad wrote here). I've gotten Mozy remote backup, and I've also started uploading quite a few of my older pictures to flickr. That's something I've been meaning to do since signing up for a Pro Account with flickr, mainly just so I have an extra copy of my favorite pictures in case something ever happens to them.

Also, another advantage of backing up these pictures is that you can also check them out. Last night I uploaded about 100 pictures from a trip to Europe that I took in 2005. Highlights include Denmark, Sweden, and Germany. Feel free to check them out here, and if you like something --or if you happen to be in a picture and want me to take it down-- please tell me!

I'll also be uploading quite a few other pictures in the coming days, and if there's something interesting, I'll try to mention it here. Enjoy!

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Siddhartha said...

Hey Ryan,

Keep up the good work with your camera... I loved your pics. Its seems that all the emotions while capturing the shot has been transferred to the photographs through your fingures...

Sitzman said...

Wow, thanks!