February 26, 2010

Changed My Mind

Wow, folks, this is unprecedented! Breaking news! I decided to change the Picture of the Day from February 22nd. When choosing and posting this past few days' pictures last night, I ignored my artistic inclination toward the picture below and put up a flash-filled Picture of the Day featuring Hannah, Paola and Juan Guillermo's adorable daughter. I liked this picture better, though:

But I didn't know if her parents would "get" the blurriness of the picture. But I gotta keep it real. The new Picture of the Day, February 22, 2010. It's been changed in flickr, it's been changed in the annals of history.

Let us never speak of this again.

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loopy said...

fantastic; title this one; "hannah, post party sugar infusion" =D

m said...

Ghostly! A being between presence and absence. MODALITY! YAY!

Sitzman said...

Ha ha! That's exactly what I was thinking, m!