February 28, 2010

If You Knew Me In 2005, You May Be On The Internet

I've just about finished uploading a lot of pictures from 2005 to my flickr account. If you'd like, you can check them out here on fluidr (this link lets you see everything I'm uploading at the moment, so it'll be changing pretty quickly; you can still click on "SETS" near the top, though, and see all of the new uploads in a pleasing, black-background presentation). In any case, as I mentioned yesterday, if you happen to be in one of the pictures and don't wish me to post it, please tell me and I can take it down.

In the meantime, though, there are some great pictures, and it's been great to relive some nice memories! Some of the 2005 highlights include:

-My road trip to the Pacific Northwest, including Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, and eastern Washington state. (Bonus: there are also pictures of a teepee included!)
-Some good fun Philly-style, including a jaunt to Montreal! (This set has what now appears to be my most famous picture, which is of my friend Josh wearing a set of fake boobs in a costume store. I think it's getting so many hits cause I included a "boobs" tag!)
-The Eurotrip, with too much goodness and fun to even begin to describe!

If I get time this coming week, I'll try to start uploading some pictures for the time between 2005 and now, but it may be a slow process. Thanks for your interest, and thanks for checking out the pictures!

Have a good day!

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