February 25, 2010

Picture of the Day Catch-Up: February 21-25, 2010

Here are the Pictures of the Day for the last couple of days. I hope there's something interesting for you. Remember that you can also see more pictures, including an adorable one of my wife and our backup cat, by following the links at the end of this post. Enjoy!

February 21st: These were some oranges that my parents-in-law had hung in a little area behind their house. I'm not sure I understood why, but it made for an interesting picture, in my opinion.

February 22nd: This is Hannah, my coworker and friend Paola's daughter (well, she's half hers... she also belongs to her awesome husband Juan Guillermo, but since he's not my coworker, and since I was using the possessive, I had grammatical problems when I tried including him earlier in the sentence).
Nevertheless, good work, guys! Beautiful daughter!

February 23rd: February 23rd was a slow day. Apparently, the most notable thing we did was to eat some pasta.

February 24th: Some itabo stakes that were sitting on the back of a truck. I'm not sure why, but it parked out front of our house for a few hours. So I took a picture of it. Click here for a post I wrote a while ago about how to cook the flower that grows on this plant.

February 25th: Lucy playing a game of balloon with herself, to show us all how it's done. How IS it done? Well, the spaces above look like windows, but in reality they have no glass. A person on one side of the wall hits a balloon through the opening to the other side. The person on the other side hits it back. And so on and so forth.
Who knew that a dozen balloons could liven up an office so much?

That's it for now. Thanks very much for reading, and have a great day!

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loopy said...

wonderful! lily saw that pic and said "so THAT's what you do at work!" oh no! now the secret is out!!!

Sitzman said...

The truth was bound to get out sooner or later. Just tell her we were doing CCCNC, with the last "C" meaning "calisthenics."

Sitzman said...
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Sempai said...

Great pictures, Ryan I think is time for another picture of Lucy sitting on her desk in front of her DELL doing some work heheheheh!