March 29, 2009

Diet Sunday Magazine

I know it's been a few weeks since I've come at ya with a Sunday Magazine, but I've been busy with other stuff, so I guess I've not had time to read interesting articles and whatnot. But this week, I did come across a few extra things that I thought were certainly worth passing on to you, Dear Reader. It'll be like a Sunday Magazine Lite!

First off, we have a link to an article that my friend Julien Katchinoff sent me. It's called "The Rice and Beans War." It's a good glimpse into Costa Rican life, particularly focusing on Gallo Pinto, the Costa Rican national* rice and bean dish. This article's got everything that makes Costa Rica the country it is today: Rice, Beans, Salsa Lizano, and an underlying dislike of Nicaragua. Check it out!

Second, in my neverending quest to justify outrageous coffee consumption, I came across this New York Times article talking about the benefits of caffeine as a performance-enhancing drug. It's called "It's Time To Make A Coffee Run." Remember: if your urine doesn't smell like coffee (and possibly a faint whiff of cereal), then you're probably not hydrated enough to run a 5K.

And finally, speaking of Sport (pronounced "schport"), check out this video that Julien also sent me:

After that video, there's seriously nothing that I can say or post that will amaze or shock you more.

Have a great weekend.

*There are rumors we stole our national dish from Nicaragua, though; you be the judge.

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