March 1, 2009

February Retrospective

I decided not to post a Sunday Magazine this week, partially because I haven’t read that many good articles this week, and partially because I don’t think that anyone reads them, anyhow.

I did want to take a minute, though, to reflect on this past February. Through a lot of behind-the-scenes typing, as well as strange luck, it was one of the most productive blog months of late--and it wasn’t even a leap year! In fact, in the three years that I've had this blog, it was the month with the most posts (21). So, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for reading the blog. Your comments and emails are a good motivator, and I appreciate them a lot. I also appreciate the people that have done Google searches through the blog or visited the advertisements. I know that advertisements are not really “cool,” but they actually have helped a bit, so thanks for that. Also, thanks for the people who have decided to “follow” this blog (see that little box on the left). I’m not sure what exactly it does, but it’s interesting, I think. Plus with this box, you can see a little picture of Dustin’s face, which I think we all universally agree is pretty awesome. So go ahead and sign up to follow the blog, if you want.

So, thanks again to everyone, and I hope that March is a great month for you!

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Deuce said... Sunday...articles...

Deuce said...

Let's not use the word "awesome" to describe my face. Let's all just be thankful that my ugly mug is hidden behind those ungodly Elvis sunglasses.

Sitzman said...

I think you mean godly.