March 26, 2009

Still Too Full To Blog

Yesterday afternoon I got home around 6, but Angela wasn't at the house. This is normal, though, since she teaches on Wednesday afternoons and evenings. But, I didn't have a housekey, so I went to my sister-in-law Toni's house next door to borrow her copy. But she wasn't there. So, I went to my brother-in-law Ronald's house down the road, since he owns the house we live in, and he's got yet another spare set of keys.
In fact, Toni and her family were there, and I arrived right in time for dinner, so they invited me, too. Here's a list of the food that Ronald's wife Ligia put out for the five of us:

-White Rice (obviously)
-"New" Red Beans
-Soft Tortillas
-Cheese Wedges
-Lettuce, Tomato, and Cucumber Salad
-Fried Tortillas
-Picadillo (like cooked chopped veggies)
-Chicken in Sauce
-Chorizo Sausage
-Hard-Boiled Eggs

Then they gave us desserts:
-Ice Cream
-"Swiss Cookies" with Dulce de Leche

And I think I'm forgetting a few things. I think that some of the food rose to my brain and killed some memory cells in there.
So, hours after I arrived to pick up the keys, I tried to leave as politely as I could, all the while thanking Ligia for her delicious food, and refusing offers of whiskey shots and beer refills.

The lesson to our friends who'll visit us: Don't Eat Before You Get Here.

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