March 18, 2009

WTF, Chris Cornell?

I've decided to go on a WTF kick. First up, Chris Cornell and his video for "Part of Me." The other night I turned off a DVD and this video was playing on channel 2 (which, when it's on the air, plays videos sometimes). So, take a quick look at the following (feel free to stop it after 30 seconds or so):

Oh Chris Cornell, how the mighty shreiker has fallen. Is the man singing this repetitive pseudo-Latino--seriously, Puerto Rico?--R&B bullshit the same guy who motivated me to break out of my rusty cage (the only kind of cage in Costa Rica)?:

Grow that hair back out, call your old Soundgarden buddies, and get your act together, man!

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Casey D. said...

I, for one, am appalled. He gave up Soundgarden and Audioslave for this?

Deuce said...

I'm going to add my own WTF.

What happened to my follower picture? WTF?!


Sitzman said...

The followers are still "following," but there were only 4 of you, and it makes a blog look lame if there are only 4 faces (2 unidentified, and a third one mine) following a blog, especially when it's a big box.
I asked people to follow, but they didn't. Guess I'm not a leader.
So I hid the box.

Deuce said...

Sad day...


Sitzman said...

Hey, what can I do?