March 11, 2009


There was a little bit of an earthquake today in the southern part of Costa Rica. According to this article it was a 5.9, but it didn't seem that big, especially considering that the quake in January was a 6.2. That one felt a lot stronger. But yes, I realize that the Richter scale is exponential, and that a 6.2 would feel 10 times stronger than a 5.2 (I think).

In any case, here in the central part of the country there were just a few wobbly moments during today's tremors. I never noticed it before, but if you're standing up during a tremor, it's a bit like you're kinda boozy, and the ground is moving below you in little jerky waves.

Also, I found this youtube video of a CNN report after the larger earthquake in January. It's kind of interesting, and only a bit over a minute. Check it out.

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